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Broken Dreams was formed with simple goals and ideals. We were all tired of the bullshit that happened to us in previous guilds. For example the elitists, disrepect, and cliques that are so abundant in other guilds. We formed to make sure that all members can enjoy playing the game the way they like to play it with other likeminded people. All of our decisions in guild are handled via a leadership council except in some extreme cases where the guild leader will handle them personally.

The Rules of Broken Dreams

1: Respect other members at all times- Regardless of any issues you may have with another member be respectful to them. If the issues are so bad that you can't handle it then contact any member of the council and they will address the problem for you.

2: No racism in any form- Do not under any circumstances make racist jokes, slurs, or any form of comment that may offend someone of any race whether it be in guild chat, vent, tell, public channel, or emote. This will result in immediate removal from guild and vent/website priveldges banned.

3: Respect the Guild Tag- When out in the world you are a representitive of the guild and be mindful of your surroundings. Don't yell at people, be a ninja, or leave groups in middle of dungeons pug or not with out good cause. We all are working hard at building the reputation of our guild and the tag that you wear as well so don't ruin it for all of us.

4: Asshats, Whiners, One uppers, and D-bags GTFO- This rule pretty much speaks for itself.

5: 18 and over- We understand that this isn't the best way to measure maturity, but it is a good place to start. We don't want a bunch of kids whining and crying and wanting us to hold their hand through the entire game. If you are under 18 you will only be considered after demonstrating a good level of maturity and a council vote.

6: 2 Strikes your out- We understand that everyone has a bad day. We also understand that sometimes people make rash decisions they later regret in the heat of the moment. But if you quit the guild you MAY be brought back only after a council vote. But after this if you leave the guild again you are gone forever.

7: If you sign up SHOW UP- If you sign up for an event show up to that event. If you can not make it make sure to give reasonable notice (Greater than 24 hours) so that a replacement can be found for you.

8: Be active- We understand that real life happens and you will not be able to dedicate every waking minute to playing and we don't expect that of you. But what we do want you to do is use the time you are here. Jump in vent, talk in /guild, form groups, run premades. Any activity that involves other members. This is the core and backbone of any guild.

9: Pvp First- This is the core of what we are. When questing in the world at one time or another we all get ganked. It happens oh well. But there are those few times when they will camp you and gank you repeatedly. This is where being in a PvP guild comes in handy. If you are being camped (By defintion of camped killed repeatedly by same person/people 3 times or more) ASK for help and we will do our damndest to avenge you. But remember the door swings both ways on this. If someone else in guild is asking for help with this you are expected to do the same for them.

10: Play How You Want- Nobody in this guild will tell you what class, spec, or rotation to run. Play what you enjoy. If you have questions about any of these things we will gladly give you advice, but that is all it is. Advice.

11: Have Fun- This is the most important rule of all. This is the reason we pay a monthly fee to play this game. Play, have fun, and enjoy each others company. If it no longer becomes fun take a step back and look at when the last time it was fun and try to remember what you were doing then, and try to get back to it.

If all of those rules were not for you then this guild probably isn't a good fit for you. But if you liked all of what you read up there then click the apply to guild button and come join us.

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